Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rudy Project

I've been bitten by the lazy blogger bug this whole month (lazy blogger blog AND the love bug, LOL) because I've been so busy and when things got light I ended up being a couch potato and got busy doing offline stuff.

Well, what can I say, Christmas is the time of the year when you just have to see all of your family and friends again. It's the time to get gain more weight (by leaps and bounds if possible). After my stint in Cebu and Davao I finally had time to attend a blogger event. I also, unfortunately, missed the blogger party at Red Box (got tied up with my best friends). It would probably have rained though if I joined in the singing!

Anyway back to the only blogger event I managed to go to this quarter... I was surprised to see a Rudy Project box on our dining table - that's where all the mail goes when it comes in. I know I'm a bit ignorant about branded stuff because I consciously steer away from those stuff - unless I'm looking for something that I'm going to invest in (I have not changed my TV for 10 years already and I never had any problems with it). I didn't realize the box was addressed to me until I picked it up and made uzi. It was from Geiser Maclang and it was an invitation for a dinner with Rudy Project managing director, Cristiano Barbazza. I was highly surprised to find a hammer (yes, a martilyo) inside. That got me curious, so I confirmed my attendance for the event.

After dinner at Burgoo, Cristiano spoke about Rudy Project's unbreakable lens - ImpactX. I listened intently to his talk because I was curious about Rudy Project's business. Cristiano's father, Rudy Barbazza, founded Rudy Project in Teviso, Italy and started off making eyewear (they have a whole line of other stuff) and sports gear for elite athletes. Aside from athletes, Rudy Project also provides eyewear for the Italian military (and a lot of them are stationed in other countries fighting terrorism, so imagine how sturdy their eyewear should be).

I was fascinated on how Markku was using the hammer on the lens. It looked like the table was going to break instead of the lens. Juned tried using his Swiss army knife, to no avail. Ricowums tried breaking the lens with his hands as well. I therefore conclude, this eyewear ain't going to break and would be a good item to include in one's last will (want to inherit one Miguel?), but then again it'll probably take me a long time to save up to buy one.

Photo credits: first one from the press kit, second and third photos are by Sweetie.

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