Saturday, May 19, 2007

Singleton Ranting

I spent the whole evening ranting to my best friend (and she did too).

Will my Fridays forever be relegated to a singles rant night?

I know it's been a long time since I've been in a relationship. I must admit I've been really cautious - in short, chicken! My ex-fiance came home recently after 4 years and I just basically ran off to the other side of the earth. Scared!

They say when you are single, you always long to be with someone.

And when you are married, you wish you were single.

The other side of the coin...

Friend #1 : SMS early this morning, "It's depressing to be a wife."

I thought, "You're husband's a great guy. He accepted us, your friends, without any qualms. His family might not be that great, but we're here for you. So why are you complaining?"

Friend #2: SMS a few weeks ago before she gave birth, "I'm leaving him!"

I thought, "What the??? You've been married for a year! You're lucky your kid has a Dad who will take on the responsibility! Keep your cool! It's just your hormones coz you're pregnant."

Friend #3: SMS also a few weeks ago, "I'm in a failing relationship."

I thought, "Dude, your relationship won't be failing if you were content and if you were loyal to your GF!"

Gawd, is the key to being happy being content with what you have? How come we always want something we don't have? And never ever content when we have what we actually wanted? Will we be really happy when we get what we want? Like Jackie and Ely?

When will I not be single? LOL.

Maybe when the right guy comes along. Asa pa. Hohumm. No comment.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    The older I get the more love gets complicated.

    Something to wash away the blues.

  2. hehe, never say die, aileen! hug a tree and say, lord give me a lover. lol! btw, did the meme na. :)

  3. Here's a quote i just read "Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know but it can also hurt us more than we can ever believe ..."

  4. @Michael - yup, I know the feeling :p

    @Gibbs - our mango tree has ants eh! Haha. Kidding. I miss our days at OHSI minus ya-know...

    @Honey - Ouch! One more day to go! :p

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    ayoko mag comment kasi marami akong gustong sabihin mauubos ko ang bandwidth mo. hahaha.

  6. @ladycess - sige lang, Blogger is free! :)

  7. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Those SMS's sound so familiar... like those that I used to send hehe. I wrote something about being in a relationship a while back. I think that a lot of people turn blind when they get into relationships or marriage for that matter. Its not all wine and roses. It never is. A lot of times being single is the best thing at that time in your life. You are a great person and I am sure you will not be a singleton soon! :)