Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturdays and Color me Black

Saturdays are for sleeping in and snuggling in bed.

I wish I was still in bed. Am at work. Hohumm.

Last night I had fab time with Anne scouting for the following:

Black turtleneck
Black bootleg pants
Black boots
Black trench coat
Black shades

You must be wondering where I’m going to wear it and what for. Anyway, you gotta see me live at the National Marketing Conference next week. I have yet to decide whether I’m going to post a photo. Gawd, the things I get myself into.

I was actually quite freaked out over the “costume” I have to wear. Why? I’m really a t-shirt girl. I don’t really like dressing up, much less fixing my hair and wearing make-up to look really spiffy! Ask Sasha, she had quite a hard time fixing me up during the Philippine Blog Awards.

Black turtleneck – my hidden tummy!
Black bootleg pants – my pata!

Black boots – I’ve never worn boots in my entire life!

Black trench coat – uh, I live in a tropical country! Good thing my Tita just arrived from the US and has one. (I'm still looking for it in her balikbayan boxes).

Black shades – I can live with this one, I love going to the beach anyway.

Sasha told me that I have to put my hair up and put goo, I mean gel, all over it. Grrrrr!

Considering the fact that I have to deliver a “talk”, I hope I don’t mess up either.

So help me God.


Pata – thighs
Tita - Aunt


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I like the boots! I think all women should have boots =)

  2. @xtina - yes! yes! too bad I only experimented on it just now!

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    here's something i wrote on "what is in black?"

    daring challenges in red
    burning desires of crimson
    yellow stars of success
    patriotism in red, while and blue
    the pink of health
    pastels soothing to the eyes
    the refreshing green
    magical silver that mesmerizes
    sadness in gray
    serenity in blue
    innocence in white
    mystery in lavender
    violet that tickles
    red orange flames of intense hatred
    i am surprised!
    combine all colors
    you get the elegance of black
    but it shrouds
    it dims
    devoid of vibrance
    devoid of life