Thursday, May 17, 2007

5 Things from My Dad

The other I wrote about my Mom (to commemorate Mother's Day, of course) and I explained how she's been my pillar of strength. The "parenting" conversation I had with my friend touched on the values that my Dad taught me. I wasn't able to answer immediately then coz I kinda ended up emo-ing. Anyways, it's been more than a week and to celebrate my Dad's 74th birthday (on Saturday), here are just some of the things that I learned from him.

1. Integrity - I was in sixth grade when I learned the true meaning of this. I had a classmate who's Dad was the mayor of a major CBD (and still actually is) and her allowance then was PhP200 per day! Of course, I immediately complained to my parents why my baon was only PhP10 per day (at that time enough to buy a platito of spaghetti and a glass of juice). My Dad explained to me how my classmate's Dad earned that much money to give her PhP200 per day. Who'd want to have a Dad who does such a despicable thing?

2. Honesty - My Dad used to be a regional trial court judge. He was offered bribes left and right and got death threats in return for refusing it. I thank God he didn't stay long in the judiciary even though it's something that he was really passionate about.

3. Humor - I know my Dad could be soooo serious at times (he's very traditional), but he is also very funny and makulit and I got that from him. (Well I think I got more of the funny and makulit part and my Ate got most of the serious stuff.)

4. Love - amongst all of us, I could say that I am the most pasaway in the family, but despite everything and all our tampuhans my Dad still loves me. And the living proof to that as well is my Mom. And we're already planning for their golden wedding anniversary (2010)!

5. Prayerfulness - it was actually my Dad who taught me how to memorize the mysteries of the Rosary. I was only 10 years old then, but I still remember (to this day) how that went about and that left me an impression that praying is a very important part of life. I'd also see my Dad pray earnestly each and every time he had to make court decisions.

No wonder it's so difficult for me to find a jowa. LOL.

I love you Dad. Happy, happy birthday! Remember, you still have to wait for me to walk down the aisle. Hmph. No more scary episodes okay? Mwah.