Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Musings on Miss U

I've been trying to sleep for the past hour, I think I must've worked-up my brain too much and it just doesn't want to switch off! Arrghhh!

Earlier today (technically yesterday) I was suddenly awakened from a very nice dream by Mabel (a friend who's been staying over coz she's fixing her wedding) who was shuffling about the room so early in the morning. She was rushing out to watch the live telecast of Miss Universe. I tried to go back to sleep, but the really nice dream I was having was long gone. So I got up and shimmied over to my study room to start work. I wasn't keen on watching Miss U. Why?

Back in college we had a very long discussion in International Studies class under Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta about how the Miss Universe pageant is actually a political and economic tool. It was a very long discussion that even included the Cold War and I don't really want to get into that here in my blog. I think the last Miss Universe show I really watched was the one held here in Manila (with Charlene Gonzales). After that class discussion I totally lost interest watching pageants.

Anyway, this morning I had a friend who was updating me live through IM. After Miss USA's fall he asked me, who do you think will win? I mentioned that I saw Miss Japan in the news and thought she was kinda pretty and said I hope Miss Philippines would win (imagine all the goodwill and investments for our country if she wins - well she won Miss Photogenic, fair enough). I said that the winner would probably be Asian, not because there's any political upheaval to downplay, but because our region is an emerging market... and guess who's the most influential in the region right now?

The things you think about at 3 in the morning. LOL.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    and i am proud to be asian! i am not losing hope that soon, Ms Philippines will not only be Ms Photogenic but a Ms Universe as well.

    yes-emerging markets we are. i have noted at least 3 asians among the top 15: korea, japan, thailand.

  2. @sexymom - I hope we'll be a tiger nation again :)