Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogs I Read

Janette asked me the other day if I could participate in a project of her that intends to recognize the top 10 emerging influential blogs for 2007. I read a lot of blogs and I use Google Reader to keep my reading at a sane level. It was quite difficult for me to come up with a list since the blog's start date should be August 1, 2006 at the earliest. So, here's my top 10 and what I read it for:

Wit and humor, and a little on dating
Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?
Stephanie Caragos
Jobarclix, the life & times of Joeyboy

Writing style and the Single Life
Sunday Duty

Stay at Home Mom
Solo Mother
The D Spot

Hanson at Large

Ranting & Other Stuff
Ideas de Locura, sueƱos y pensamientos

I don't know though if I could say it's influential at all coz I read mainly to entertain myself. Most of the work-related blogs I read are quite old blogs and they've been around for years already.