Sunday, May 20, 2007

On Eskinitas, 80s Music and Love

Listening to music from the 80s while blogging offline here at the International Food Expo, World Trade Center.

Must keep awake. Must keep awake.

Last night at Markku’s invitation I attended the RockEd Radio-Pisay Keep Your Promises event was held Bigsky in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. I thought it was really cool and productive for these individuals to hold such events. A few weeks ago they had a coastal clean-up at the Hundred Islands, Pangasinan. They are definitely having fun and helping other people as well.

After the event we were off to Eskinita. Eskinata is an alley full of bars and restos across the ABS-CBN compound. We went to a videoke bar owned by Joey Boy’s kumpare. What was interesting about the place was the “college” feel and uh the wannabes all dressed up waiting to be discovered. Sasha said that they should just go to Greenbelt or The Fort if they wanted to dress-up. LOL. Well, overall, it was still quite a fun place, most especially since the Pisay people were really down-to-earth.

Crazy for You
. Now playing my dear friend. LOL. (Pun intended, sorry just being pilya).

Which brings me to some questions that have been brought to my attention from conversations I’ve had the past week with some friends:

  1. In a relationship, who should you please more? Your partner or yourself? They all say that it should be a give-and-take relationship. Methinks it’s all about managing expectations and not being bratty. I don’t believe in “noisy” relationships. I don’t need that kind of stress.
  2. If your partner has a very colorful past (or plainly, a past), how should you go about accepting that? Methinks that if you love someone you should accept his past, present and future. No judgments.
  3. If you suffered a badly, beaten, broken heart, how should you go about mending it? Should you seek revenge by breaking each and every heart who comes across you? Should you stay single, not pursue a person even though it’s quite obvious you like her? I believe in taking the risk for the right person. If he’s worth it, why not? If you don’t then it’s either you’re a sissy or just plain selfish.

Well, what’s the hullabaloo about love anyway? Gawd, it’s been really a long time! LOL.

Thanks to Mum and Dad for being always being there.


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    wow! i finally got here. :P

    umm, for question number 3, i try to get over it by being with my friends more, and yung sinusubsob ko sarili ko sa trabaho or whatever it is na magiging busy ako. :)

  2. @avy - that's exactly what I did! And look at me now. Hahaha. :)

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    with regards to question 2. If the person's past (especially colorful past) continues to exist in the present and the future, just be ready to deal with this person's issues and suffer the consequences . In question 3, one needs to move on from a broken heart. Like in any loss, we can learn to live a new life without that past love, that broken heart. Move on and take chances especially if that person is worth it.

  4. Anonymous8:43 AM

    aba ang se-senti. nung una ang lalim, ngayon naman senti.

    #2 - tama ka, if you really love the person tanggap mo ang past niya.

    #3 - time heals all wounds. i dont like revenge, although it sounds good :)

    #1 - hmm.. mahabang usapan. let me say though that i agree about give and take. anyway, kailangan ng beer (iced tea sa akin) at isang platitong mani.

  5. @noemi - well not all people are really that open-minded and I could say I've encountered quite a number already. Ouch dibah.

    @ladycess - tara! game!

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Hello. Thanks for the nice words about us. 'Twas nice meeting you last Saturday. Hope you can also participate in our next activities. :)

  7. @mic - my pleasure! next time maybe you guys can help me out in some of my projects as well :)

  8. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I think eskinita is spelled as "Esquinita" .

  9. @Jeric - ahhh the perpertual debate :p Esquinita is the old Tagalog spelling. Eskinita is the "Filipino" spelling which I learned more than ten years ago when I used to write for DLSU's Malate Literary Folio :)

  10. Ohkie. I won't debate heheh :P

  11. It was having you there! Sige sama din kami sa next activities mo, just let us know ha. =)

    #1 - Ideally, we should live to create love, and not necessarily set expectations. Which means loving the person with all that you can give. Because that's the only way to be happy in love -- knowing you've given it your all without reservations.

    #2 - Acceptance should come hand-in-hand with love. You can't love someone you can't accept, past, flaws, and all.

    #3 - Time.


  12. @markku - thanks ha. Favorite mo mag-comment sa posts ko on love. Hihi :)

  13. Kasi experts tayo pareho sa topic na yan? Hehehe. Kaya ba tayo single ngayon? Haha. =)

    Masarap lang na discussion ang love, hehehe.

    And yes experts talaga tayo, God's just preparing the right one for us, at the right time. =)

  14. @markku - emo-sawi ever ever. Don't worry I think it's coming soon :)