Thursday, May 17, 2007

BobCast Episode 8: Sleepless in La Union

Episode 8 of the Bobcast was recorded in a lonely little resort in La Union last week. Abe didn't want to host it in his blog coz it's too pink! And it took him quite awhile to edit it, hmph.

Band of Bloggers Episode 8: On Relationships (Travel Edition)
Hosted by: Sasha
Guests: Aileen, Sasha, Abe and Lauren
Time: 28 minutes, 43 secs.

Show Notes:

  • BoB in La Union- Sleepless in San Fernando, La Union
  • Friendster Status
  • Lauren is single but not really looking
  • Girl’s Preference of Ligaw (Courting) style - Traditional or not?
  • Guy’s Ligaw Style
  • Hypothetical Question from Abe: “What would you do suddenly if you felt something for your friend’s girlfriend?”
  • Disclaimer from Abe to all his friends with a girlfriend
It was a very interesting discussion we had and we even went on discussing things "off air", ending up sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, but it was quite fun.

Come on... head on over to Noemi's blog and find out what freaks me out :p

*Photo by Abe Olandres.

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