Friday, May 4, 2007

Lakwatsera Ako

Yes, eversince I was a kid my family would tease me that I have "itchy feet" (not the fungal kind!). Well, it's the fault of my parents since I was just a few months old when they started bringing me to Bicol and other local vacation spots and the US when I was 4-years old. I could've lived in the US, but I chose to stay home because I just simply love it here.

In the last iBlog3 our panel was asked, "What do you want bloggers to ponder on?" and I said that as bloggers we should promote what's good in our country. Tourism helps a lot in the economy, so I think it's very important to be an evangelizer for one's country (naks). Anyway, Noemi suggested to me during the Digitalfilipino Web Awards last Friday that I should have a travel blog since I get to travel a lot. I pondered on this and seeing that my stats show that a lot of people read through my travels I thought it'd be great to share my experiences. (I can just imagine Erik chuckling about all the content I'm putting online, LOL).

And here it is:


Lakwatsera - a person who cannot stay put at home; one who loves to travel and go out
Tara! Sama na sa paglakwatsa ko!
- Let's go! Come with me as I travel!