Monday, May 21, 2007

A Puppy, Coming Soon!

I just finally managed to dig deeper into Tappy's blog and read her post, "To all the dogs I've loved before". Awwww!

I feel sad. My pet fighting fish, Beans, jumped out of his bowl yesterday, just like Pork. I arrived late afternoon from the IFEX show and thought the little strip on the floor was a piece of electric tape. Ignored it and only realized it was Beans when I looked at his bowl.



I was telling Gail a while back that the last time I had a pet was years ago. You see, I get too attached to them and I oftentimes end up mourning for quite a while. The last time I had a dog was about 7 years ago. Hop-hop was Charlie's (Tappy's dog) daughter. We had to "assign" Hophop to our factory in Cavite because she was quite a bundle to take care of and Miguel was still little back then. I haven't seen her for quite a while, but I hear she's got lots of puppies already.

Before Hophop I had Cotton, a japanese spitz. My sister left her to me when she left Manila to take her masters degree in the US. I had Cotton for quite a while, but when she passed away it took a long while for my Mom to convince me to eat again. Get the picture?

I have Patch now, a retarded askal. Funny how my colleagues thought that an askal was a new breed and they all just had to groan when I said an askal is an asong kalye, a streetdog. You see, Pornthip has a poodle, Francisco owns a labrador and I'm not sure if Hanson has a dog too. Anyway, they had a bowl of laughs when I finally revealed that I have a retarded streetdog and not a dog with an exotic breed. So, I don't really play with Patch anymore coz sometimes he forgets who I am and ends up growling at me. Almost bit my hand off a few weeks ago.

Anyway, Gail's supposed to give me a new puppy in a couple of weeks. I'm sure my Mom will hit the roof when she sees him. Gail said that the puppy looks a lot like Sasha's rascal dog, Oscar. I hope the puppy won't be as spunky as Oscar! :p

I am quite nervous about it, but excited to have somebody else (other than Miguel) annoy me. I'm also hoping that Marc's other pregnant hamster doesn't get murdered so I can have one of them too.

Well, the most exciting thing to think about right now is... what should I name my new puppy?

Any ideas?


  1. How about "Google?" :D

  2. @hoop - I thought of that actually, but it's not sing-song-y LOL. :)

  3. Apple? named after your blog. :D

  4. Yey, a new puppy! Good luck and kiss the little furry creature for me! :) After giving it a bath, try putting some baby powder on it.. mmm, smells good, nakakagigil!! Rrrr... :P

  5. Congratulations on your new puppy. Have you thought of a name? :) I am excited for you and I wish I can kiss and hug the puppy, too! Awww...

    Try this -- after giving your furball a bath, and after his fur has dried, put some baby powder on him...Mmm, smells good! Kakagigil.. :)

  6. Yahoo! then? *kidding* :D

  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Sergei or Larry.

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    alam ko na... Jayvee!!! (I bet you're not going to delete this comment, hehe)

  9. @jeric - hmmm... dapat girl! I don't know yet if I'm getting a girl or a boy.

    @tappy - you'll have to handhold me on taking care of a puppy. I might just suddenly forget I have one... you know me...

    @hoop - hehehe.

    @andrew - huwag! crush ko si sergey eh hihihi

    @marcvill - uh... no comment :p

  10. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I was supposed to say "I bet you're going to delete this comment"... so delete mo na lang previous comment ko if you like...

    Take good care of your coming soon puppy... We'll also let you adopt a hamster soon. Ingatz!

  11. @marcvill - naaah, andiyan na the comment eh hehe. :) I should start cleaning up my hamster toys! :)