Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mark of a Good Citizen

I just came back from the precinct to vote. I haven't missed a vote since I registered xx years ago (you think I'd give that out? LOL). And looking back I think I must've gone through 2 presidential elections already - the ones I voted for unfortunately lost, but that doesn't mean I'll change and go for the popular votes. I'll still vote for whoever is qualified for office, one who deserves it and whose programs I think make sense.

Growing up with a Dad who's a lawyer, I was exposed at an early age to these things and he stressed the fact that we should vote. My parents used to wake me up really early in the morning to be at the precinct at 7 in the morning. They didn't do that today, I guess because they know that they don't need to prod me anymore to get myself to the precinct.

And it's your responsibility to help bring good officials to office. You can rant all you want about not getting good service, corruption or whatever, but it is your responsibility to exercise your right and vote. And that's why I brought Miguel with me to the precinct because I want him to grow up to be a good citizen.

Oh, I'm keeping my choices a secret, mind you I was a nerd at it and did some research before finalizing my list :)