Friday, December 31, 2021

Goodbye 2021, Don't Follow Me to 2022

If you ask me I just want to forget about 2021. By all accounts it was a bad year for me. I had another pulmonary embolism and that threw everything off-course. It was a very challenging year for me health-wise and all my doctors tell me I am blessed to be alive. 

After all the struggles - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - I now look at 2021 as the year of transformation and transition. I have accepted the fact that my body cannot do what I loved doing. I lived in a fog for five months. The only thing I was able to do from my 2021 goal list was work on my hobby and blog everyday. My doctor knew what I was going through and made me promise to fight deterioration. That's the reason why I blog everyday (keeps `em coconut working). 

Aside from the physical struggles I went through, the most painful decision I had to make was to leave Google. It was my life for 15 years. I always knew that my journey would end someday so I had no issues letting go. It was just really sad that I left because I was sick and when I was really needed. I transitioned my team in March because I wanted to make sure someone would care for them. No one is indispensable after all, so I knew they would thrive even without me. The 15 years I spent at Google was truly enriching to me as a person and I'm alive today because of the support I got from them. 

I am most grateful to my doctors and all the healthcare workers who took care of me. I was warded thrice and had to do weekly check-ups across three hospitals. It was truly a blessing that I wasn't allowed by my company to leave earlier because I was able to clear up other health issues and finally get vaccinated (it was a long discussion across my doctors). I haven't seen a doctor since I got home and that's an achievement! 

The best thing that happened to me this year is transitioning back home. Moving countries is physically draining and we made it more challenging by also moving to a new home. We made it though! We have been organizing our home for a month now and it's far from finished. What's important for us is we're together and we're able to care for our parents too. 

Goodbye 2021, it was a very interesting year. I know that God made it that way because I was overdue to move onto other things. I know for now I need to just focus on my family to create a loving home where we can make more happy memories. 

May all of us have a happy and blessed new year! Stay safe everyone!

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