Monday, December 13, 2021

Becoming a Homemaker + Made Pinangat Pasta

I'm terribly slow when it comes to fixing stuff. It was the one thing that Mommy always scolded me on. I usually know where everything is, call it organized chaos. Well, they say mess creates stress. I remember in high school I would spend a lot of time fixing my room first before studying for final exams. I carried that on at work and when I do home projects. Doing that isn't really effective, so I've been correcting the habit by fixing as I go. I now try to integrate chores in my routine, i.e. putting away newly washed flatware while waiting for the water to boil. 

I'm not a natural homemaker like my Mom. I learned on the job when Sweetie, Miggy and I moved to our first home. It was a good thing we had home eco class back in high school, so I learned some basic stuff. The other skills I learned by watching videos on YouTube and doing research. I think the best way for me to tackle this is to look at it as home management rather than home making. That way it won't be as overwhelming. 

My Kuya will probably laugh at what I'm trying to do. I told him a few years ago that it was my dream job to be a housewife. He said, "You're not going to last. You'll probably want to work again after a few months." Well... my doctors recommended for me not to work because I shouldn't get stressed. My body also reminds me about my limitations everyday. So I have to be realistic with my expectations. 

Here's my plan:

1. Tackle things by parts.

2. Get help where you can. (Asked friends for suggestions on how to fix our pantry aka sari-sari store).

3. Fix as you go so chores don't pile up. 

Overworked yesterday and had to lie down after dinner. I was finally able to get to know my new induction stove. It was mind boggling how it could have 10 temperature levels! My simple one-burner induction stove only had 5 levels. Well, it was fun swiping left and right to find the correct temp, haha. Made some pinangat pasta with ready-made pinangat. Here's how my cousin, Ate Odette, taught me how to make it --

Still hoping things will be a bit more organized by Christmas!

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