Tuesday, December 28, 2021

After Christmas, Leftover Buffet

Team Blue or Team Green?
It's three days after Christmas and we're still eating leftovers, haha. We took a short break yesterday and got some Goldilocks pork barbecue, dinuguan and arroz caldo. By evening we had a leftover buffet. Miggy helped me turn part of the cochinillo into paksiw (video below). Then Sweetie and Miggy figured out how to use the oven to heat the lasagna. It took us 2 hours to prepare dinner, haha. We'll still be eating leftovers today hehe. 

I thought I'd be done with organizing the kitchen by now. It's going so slowly since Sweetie brought some of our stuff from the condo yesterday. It's taking awhile to organize because I'm also setting aside duplicates to be given away. I discovered yesterday we have three can openers, three graters, and too many cooking utensils. Now that we're merging our things we can cut down. 

I haven't even had time to organize our Christmas gifts since they are still in the boxes. We haven't been able to organize our closets. Still just getting clothes from the suitcase. The good news is our washing machine is finally working and we'll work overtime today to launder our clothes. Yay!

The state of our garden was also causing some stress for us. There were leaves all over and the front of our home has become unsightly. Good thing a neighbor offered to lend her gardener and Kuya Romer came yesterday to help us do some cleaning and trim the grass. I'm really happy the garden looks clean now because my Mom started to do the cleaning the other day. I hope the branch pruning shears arrive soon because the bamboo is growing taller by the day (I'll be using the bamboo we cut for a project). 

I told Sweetie though I'm going to need a break from all the organizing we're doing. One of the things we hope to do this week is visit the cemetery together with Mom. I also hope we can do a day trip somewhere. That would be so fun and we all really need a break. 

Here's how we cooked the paksiw. I just followed the recipe by Chef Tatung. You can check out the full recipe here

*We dove in when it was served, forgot to take a video after it got cooked, haha.

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