Friday, December 24, 2021

Daddy's Noche Buena

My Dad was active in the Knights of Columbus. He was the founding Grand Knight in our parish. I got to spend a lot of time with the "knights" (mostly our neighbors) because I'd tag along with my Dad whenever they had activities. One of those activities was the Sunday morning walkathons. I would be on my BMX bike while my Titos would walk. Sadly my Dad and most of my titos are in heaven now. 

That time me and my choir friends tagged along the K of C summer outing.

Daddy was very passionate about helping. One of the projects he had was helping the innocent go free from prison. We had several of those ship in a bottle as gifts from prisoners. He also gave free consultation as a lawyer. My Mom said she'd be surprised about receiving chickens when they were newly married. One of the most memorable projects Daddy initiated was the "Share a family" activity. 

Instead of just giving donations he organized a noche buena day with families from the developing area. They matched a member K of C family with the developing area family. Daddy thought that would be more enriching than just giving donations. This allowed two very different families to get to know each other while eating a meal prepared by the K of C family. It was indeed an enriching experience and we did it several times. Afaik, the K of C in our parish has been continuing the tradition, probably suspended for now due to the pandemic. 

Our outreach has been limited, mainly because my energy has been affected by my illness. It gives me so much joy to provide merienda for the crew who comes in to fix our home. I got them some mamon and softdrinks yesterday and their huge smiles made me happy. I wish I could go the extra mile and really prepare them a feast, but hope they appreciate the food delivery I've been getting for them. Simple joys :)

Merry Christmas everyone and happy birthday Baby Jesus! 

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