Saturday, December 11, 2021

Scenes from the First Week

I always look back at the first week in the homes we've lived in. It's always chaotic, but what I appreciate about it is the thought of opening a new chapter. Last year when we moved to our new apartment in SG, we felt relief. The previous place we lived in was showing a lot of the pains of living in an old building. Sweetie experienced a waterfall in the bathroom. The water and electricity were turned off for more than a day. The unit also had other plumbing issues which got quite expensive to have fixed. We lived in fear for a few months until we could move out. We only relaxed when we were able to move*.

Our happiest move was probably our first home. It was an apartment a few minutes away from my childhood home. We loved that place and spent many nights playing Angry Birds in our "den/study room/work room". We left the place to move closer to my parents and well we had septic tank issues. I think this "hopefully final move" exceeds the happiness level. It's just really nice to have more space and breathing room. 

Here are the memorable scenes from our first week at our new home:

Delivery of our boxes from Singapore.

Hanging out in Miggy's room.

Our first welcome gift from Marja. 

Stormtrooper moving into his room (Mom's room actually).

Spent only one night sleeping on the floor. Beds got delivered the next day. Whew!

Our first visitors - Ate Maya and Ottie & Elmer.

Move-in cleaning by Gab's Squeaky PH team.

Most important event of the week, celebrating Mom's 86th birthday.

We capped our first week with a simple birthday bash for Mom. I really looked forward to this day. We didn't have everything we hoped for (i.e. a proper dining table), but we made do with what we had (and Mom I think didn't notice anyway haha). I was also hoping to hide our clutter in the kitchen, but the cabinets are still in progress. What's important though is we had a joyous day with Mom which we got to celebrate together with Kuya and his family via VC. 

We hope to settle in better during our second week. We also hope the kitchen would be fully functional already. We've started to plan the rest of the cabinets we need with Peter. Goal for the week would be to set-up our Christmas tree (the base is still missing zzz) and I hope to re-pot my plants. Still loads to do! I also pray my body cooperates coz I've had to take plenty of naps to rest! 

Happy weekend everyone! Stay happy!

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*We couldn't leave earlier even though the premises wasn't safe for us anymore. Our landlord wasn't too nice and she had the most horrendous agent. 

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