Saturday, December 25, 2021

Our Three Tree Christmas

Happy birthday Baby Jesus! And a Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Last night we had an intimate Noche Buena. Just me, Sweetie and Miggy. We wanted to have Mom stay with us, but she said "tomorrow na lang". She sleeps early and she knows we'd stay up late for Noche Buena. I had the boys dress up since I wanted us to have a proper family photo -- in each of our three trees. Yes, you read it right, we set-up three Christmas trees! 

I know it's crazy, but we wanted to make up for being apart last year. We set-up three trees to celebrate being together again and to symbolize the merger of our homes. For ten years we were celebrating either in the Philippines or Singapore. There was always someone who had to fly somewhere for work/studies. So this year, our family is together again. 

And we dedicate this togetherness to the celebrant Himself, Baby Jesus. We know this is what He wanted for us. I am grateful for His Grace because I'm able to be with my family. I really wanted for us to have a special Noche Buena. By some miracle I was able to prepare our traditional spread -- spaghetti, pineapple glazed ham, macaroni salad and I was able to make leche flan too! 

Looking back at my Dad's share-a-family project, I especially pray for the families who were affected by the recent typhoon. I hope and pray they are with their families and loved ones. 

Hugs to everyone!

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