Thursday, December 30, 2021

The U-turn that Led to a Discovery

Went out with Sweetie yesterday to buy soil and do some errands. I always jump at a chance to go out since I'm starting to experience cabin fever again. There was some traffic going to the nursery, but that was okay because I was able to spin a couple of PokeStops. 

After a brief visit to the nursery, Sweetie went up a parking area to do a u-turn. While waiting for cars to pass we observed several new shops in the area. Sweetie said, "Look there's a grocery and cafe, want to try?" When I saw "milk tea" on the sign I said, "Yes!"

The cafe was very pink! It was so cute! I was also wearing pink yesterday, so I blended in the cafe. The name of the place is "Happy Jinju". I looked up the meaning of jinju and it means "pearl". I guess it's meant to refer to boba. Since it was our first time I asked them what was their best seller since they had a dizzying number of beverages for sale. I was told that the white rabbit cream cheese drink was the best seller so that's what I got for me and Miggy. Sweetie got the kiwi fruit drink

The smell of fried chicken wings made us hungry so we also ordered some to take home. After paying they suggested for us to wait in our car. It was a good thing we did because we would've smelled like fried chicken if we stuck around any longer haha. Anyway, that gave us time to look at the other new places while waiting. It was a nice discovery and we'll probably try out their other offerings (will just order online next time). 

If you want to check out this very pink shop, they are located at 36 France St., Better Living Subdivision, Paranque City. There are nice gardening shops and a huge fruit stand within a hundred meters from the cafe too. Will write more about the shop on our Paranaque Life Blog.

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