Sunday, December 26, 2021

12 Years of Sweeties

Sweetie had a surprise when I woke up this morning. It was a huge box that bore a bouquet of white roses. He was so excited when he gave it, just like the first time he gave me white roses in 2007 (the one when I promptly burned the spaghetti I was cooking hehe). 

Today we're celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. Yes, on boxing day! We had our wedding on the 26th of December because we had family fly in from other countries. We planned to postpone it because we were severely affected by Typhoon Ondoy, but our parents insisted we proceed. It was a good idea because the wedding helped all of us focus on our future more than the disaster we went through. We learned to be extra resilient. 

My doctors always commended Sweetie's resilience. One doctor told him in person how she appreciated the support he gave me. She said she rarely saw that kind of support. Sweetie is my powerhouse and his love is steadfast. I pulled through because he's my rock. 

The past 12 years have been crazy for us. The hardest time was doing LDR for a few years and the health challenges we've gone through. We always faced it head on with lots of prayer and love. We decided to settle back in Manila to be together and closer to our parents, extended family and friends. We also wanted more permanency that's why we finally moved to our dream house. 

We're transitioning to a new phase in our lives and we look forward to living our lives until we grow old. 

Love you forever Sweetie. Happy anniversary <3

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