Friday, December 3, 2021

Be the One Who Goes for It

My energy has been going kaput by midday the past few days. We've been very busy and I've been forced to take the stairs and that's partly to blame for my stamina drain. My energy though is hinged on faith, love and willpower. I would not wish what I'm going through on anyone*. 

I'm still very fragile and last week my PTSD was triggered when someone nonchalantly trivialized my pain. This person had not even bothered to review all the doctor reports and test results they had asked me to submit. I immediately felt unwell midway through the meeting and wanted to walk out. I asked Sweetie to be my spokesperson for the rest of the meeting. 

No bed? No problem, can rest on a rug and a bubble-wrapped rug. 

I tried to rationalize that they probably had no idea about my illness. I've been experiencing the same treatment since I got sick last year. The lack of compassion is just really sad. It's also been frustrating because I just want to move on and live my life the way I want. 

"Be the girl who just decided to go for it. Live life with no regrets." Saw this on IG and it made me realize that I shouldn't care so much about what other people think (even though my future depends on it). I already made the decision to follow the advise of my doctors to live a stress-free life and I should just live by my choice. It is at this point that my faith tells me not to worry because God will always take care of us. 


"God disturbs our comfortable day-to-day existence. Jesus' kinship goes hand in hand with His Passion." (Pope Benedict XVI)

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*Going up on a stairway is probably similar to the last leg of hiking on Mt. Everest or maybe try going up a stairway with a sack of rice on your back.

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