Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Bliss + New Nimbus 2000

Moving to a new home is hard. We're lucky we didn't have to go through 99% of the construction process and we're just working on finishing touches and some tweaks. I honestly haven't moved as much in the past few months because I have to contend with SOB* and other medical issues. I feel though I could push myself a bit more and I try to do what I can. 

To help us manage a bigger home, we've been investing in a few tools. Miggy unboxed the cordless vacuum cleaner yesterday. It was a joy to watch him be so happy about it. He tried out all the accessories and imagined them to be space weapons, haha. I felt so contented watching him play around with the vacuum. I guess that's what being blissful means. Your heart is so full, it feels like it might burst. 

I realized I should have gotten the cordless vacuum earlier. It would have helped us keep our home cleaner and dust free. I have very bad allergies, so it would really have helped. And good thing I let my budol friend, Anne, talk me into getting a better brand. I was really hesitant at first since I feel other options would be okay. Well, thanks to the huge 12.12 discounts, I got it for the same price as the other brand I was planning to get. 

Of course, there are things you need to do using traditional tools. I got a shiny new walis tingting (broomstick). I got one with a stick which I aptly named my Nimbus 2000. I brought it out for a spin today and tidied up the garage. I'm properly well-exercised now and would make my physiotherapist proud. The stick made a huge difference since the regular walis tingting gives me backaches, plus I can't really bend that much. I'll probably use the Nimbus 2000 twice a week as part of my exercise regime, haha! 

Sweetie brought me out for a joyride since I haven't been outside for over a week now. We also had to leave the premises for awhile because manong is varnishing the floors. I now feel what kids experience when their parents bring them out for a joyride. We're still really taking a lot of precautions even though our barangay listed zero cases yesterday. 

Typhoon Odette is now in the Visayas region. It's been gloomy all day. Please take care wherever you are.

And thank you Nina (of Therapy ni Tita) for the amazing mint chocolate cookies! It was a good reward after zipping around the garage in my Nimbus 2000! You can order these yummy cookies via her IG page.

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*SOB - shortness of breath

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