Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Boys Got a New Toy

We've been talking about getting an air fryer for a couple of months now. I brought it up when I saw more friends sharing their experience after getting one, so I got curious. I honestly don't like frying food because I'm scared of the oil splatter. Miggy usually takes over when this starts happening. He's fearless, haha! We didn't get an air fryer because we didn't have space for it. 

Woke up last Saturday to the boys discussing about getting an air fryer. Sweetie was watching reviews on YouTube and said he was getting one on 12.12. True enough, he ordered one on Sunday and it was delivered yesterday. I was busy organizing the pantry when the two started unboxing the package. I eventually got booted out of the kitchen because they needed space to try the appliance. 

I moved to the bedroom to rest a bit and the smell of yummy french fries started to waft to where I was. When I finally went downstairs, I found the two waiting patiently for me. They were so excited for me to try the fries. They brought a plate full off crunchy french fries. It was actually good and tasted a bit like Piknik (the snack). Good job boys! 

I told them I'm not going to touch the air fryer and will let both of them do the cooking. They're now researching recipes and I think they want to try frying fish. I'm looking forward to their air fryer adventures. I hope they'll add what they cook on Recipes for My Son!

What's your favorite air fryer recipe?

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