Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thank You and a Wedding

I don't know what got into me, when I got home from the wedding (more of that below) I was quite hyperactive (despite the fact that I could barely walk) and thought that since I was all dolled up to try out doing a video. So in honor of the Toblerone Thank You concert I missed tonight, here's my little thank you video experiment. (I just used my webcam on my almost 3-year old PC with no editing).

And some of you might have followed my Twits today about going to a wedding. Yup! The Twisted Wedding Planner strikes yet again! I did not do a full coordination this time coz I've been so busy, so I just basically helped out for the wedding and gave the bride, my friend Mabel, some tips. Are you in love? Planning to get married? Wishing you were engaged? Or just plain mushy? Visit the Twisted Wedding Planner for a dose of wedding stew. (I'll blog more about Mabel's wedding at TWP).

And what's with the update on the "When God Writes Your Love Story"? Read about the reason behind that kilig smile in the video.

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