Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Congratulations to Marc, Norelyn and Anton for a very successful first day at the 1st Search Engine Marketing Conference held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental. I thought it was a very exciting day since this is the first and biggest conference of this kind and a very appropriate follow-up after the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit held last August at the same venue.

Here are some photos:

Oh! And thanks to Benj for the pizza! Frosty lang sulit na sana, but pizza was fab!

And special thanks to Sweetie for surprising me with some Taco Bell. =)


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Waw, you blog fast!!:D Nice pix!

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    is Derek the cutie Jayvee mentioned in his twit? HAWTNESS! I WANT HIM!

  3. @andrew - yun usapan over pizza... unahan mag-post! haha.

    @aj - oh yes, that's him :)

  4. Hey, Aileen!

    I saw you at the SEMCON! :) Derek's lecture was fab. I enjoyed it! Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

  5. Ate Aileen, I'll gladly break-up with me boyfriend for Derek. LOL!

    I wish I was there... and not just because of Derek.

  6. hindi kita nakita ms. aileen... :(. pero sila jason, mikelopez, benjarriola, zaldy, fire_lady, pektho, jenny, and pinkseo of SEO PG Forum eh nakita ko after the semcon. nag picture taking pa nga kami sa stage eh :(

  7. @abbie - thanks for the feedback! told derek about it!

    @ria - i told him! haha.

    @gurlalien - i left early eh, sorry, ngarag na ngarag na kasi ako :)

  8. hahaha sayang di ako nakasali dito! uhuhuhuhu :( hehe :P

  9. @Ate Aileen... I'm waiting for his response. LOL!

  10. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Hi Aileen!

    I saw you during the SEMCON but was too chicken to say hi! LOL! Dyahe :) I hope to see you in the next blogger events! ( if I bring myself to go lol ) :) Take care! :)