Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Secret Behind My Smile

I have a secret that only my community/parish knows.

Shhhh... quiet... baka may makarinig.

Only a handful of you probably know or have read my Homegrown blog. It's actually my column for our Parish' newsletter. Yeah, I'm its editor and that's something that I just normally keep within the realms of my neighborhood, that's because my neighbors, my Titas and Titos, my childhood friends, my co-parishioners don't actually know what I do for a living. All they know is I've been really busy the past year and I haven't done my job to produce (at least quarterly) our newsletter and I'm being hunted down already by our parish priest the past few months to do another issue. Heh.

So, that's my secret and the reason behind my Homegrown blog. I fancy doing inspirational writing. I'm no expert in it mind you. I just like writing. Period. And if it inspired people, well, that's fine too! I remember writing something a few months ago for a friend who was in a really huge rut, she was so touched, she cried and was soon back to normal. Well, I hope I'll manage to budget my time more properly so I can do that again.

I remain cheerful despite everything I've been through. I guess I've finally managed to shove out all my baggage that's why I can safely say I can glow like a star without any apprehensions (uyyy favorite ko ang Stardust!). It takes time mind you. It took me more than a decade and what's important is to always be positive, try to keep yourself out of a rut, huwag mapipikon, avoid ranting and have a lot of sense of humor. Life is just really funny sometimes and as Bugs Bunny (daw) said, "Do not take life seriously. After all, no one has ever come out of it alive."

I'm finally devoid of all that teenage and quarter life crisis angst! How I love being in my 30s! LOL.

Be happy! And be inspired!


  1. HI Aileen,

    Stumbled upon your blog and must admit that there are many interesting reads.

    I too write something for a parish... actually, more for the Bosconian community. Have you heard of a magazine called "Code Red." It focuses on inspiring stories about the family.

    Must admit that it also gives me a smile to know that I have written something for Him!


  2. Inspired huh, rigggghhhhttttt.

  3. @gil - sarap talaga ng feeling! and it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever someone tells me they got inspired with what i wrote :)

    @jozzua - alam mo naman bakit ako inspired dibah... hihihi.