Monday, October 22, 2007

What is it About Tea?

I admit, there are days that my mind's really cluttered with so many things and I get soooo distracted. That usually happens on Mondays. Weekend hang-over perhaps? AJ calls it post-vacation depression, so this must be post-weekend depression. LOL.

I was totally distracted the whole day, jumping from one task to another and then back to another task. Argh! It's frustrating especially since I was all geared up to have a productive day. I just basically stared at my PC most of the day, managed to do some mundane tasks that I have been putting off and I'm glad to have those taken off my list. BUT, I had important tasks and it was what I wanted to cross-off my list.

And then I remembered... Lipton Hot Tea sent me a package with some samples of their green tea. I love drinking tea. I learnt how to drink tea when I was an exchange student in Japan back in high school. And, mind you, green tea in Japan is strong but I liked it and when I discovered peppermint green tea I got hooked.

So I quickly got the package and dropped a teabag in my Mickey Mouse mug filled with hot water (I like my stuff to be interestingly cute). A few minutes after drinking tea I finally managed to relax and do the tasks I've been wanting to do the whole day. And I flew through everything and even managed to check-up on some past work I did. I only stopped working at around 10ish because Sweetie called. (Oh noes I missed PBB again!).

I also checked on the email that Lipton sent me and I just had to chuckle because the subject of the email was "Coping with stress in the work place: Get in the Zone with Lipton Hot Tea". If I read through that email, I would've saved myself a lot of time agonizing over pushing myself to focus. Why? Because Lipton Hot Tea has Theanine in it and it's supposed to "induce a state of relaxation, Theanine in tea decreases cluttering of the mind. Studies have shown that Theanine, which is an amino acid, produces a stimulating effect on the brain’s alpha waves thus improving the person’s mental ability. This amino acid is related to glutamine, which, among its other functions, serves as an alternative fuel to the brain. Theanine can also cross the blood-brain barrier, and because it can enter the brain, this amino acid has psychoactive properties."


Lesson learned: next time READ the whole email message!

Well, if you wanna learn more about how to get into a relaxed state I suggest visiting Lipton's Get in the Zone website. Oh and thanks to Lipton for the bag of stuff. I looooove the shirt too!

Now, I think I'm going to call it a night. Good night world!


  1. ate aileen, ang cute ng mickey mo. hehee.. i like tea too. Feeling ko mas malinis siya kaysa kape.

  2. Theanine - is there such a thing as an overdose of that? I think I need a LOOOOT of it these days...

  3. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Ahh, you remind me. I have to do my entry soon, haha!

  4. I also like their Chamomile and Peppermint varieties.

  5. Hi Aileen, I came across your blog by sheer accident (or not?) anyhow, I have enjoyed reading it and wanted to post from one Aileen to another :-)