Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo! Awooo! Arf! Arf! Arf!

It is hallows eve once again and I am scared to move away from my PC and go to my room to rest. Why? Because I think I can see dead people again tonight. The hairs at the back of my neck are prickling with awareness. I feel like someone's looking in from the window. I am feeling skirmish about my dog's movements outside my window. I can also hear cats hissing and running around in the backyard. Oh boy, I'm sticking it out here in my study room with Miguel for the meantime.

My imagination is running wild that's what it is.

I couldn't help but be scared because sometimes I do see and feel things. Stuff that are unexplainable, unbelievable, makatindig balahibo but logic always prevails except on halloween. I am usually sick during halloween and I get more sick whenever I am asked to go to the cemetery. Don't ask me why, maybe it's psychological or something, but it happens every year.

So, I'm stuck here at home. I would've gone out with some of my neighbors for some catching up, but they're still stuck at work and have re-scheduled. Oh well, I guess I'll do some online chores and probably catch up with some friends (I'm sick and can't move around that much) and post in Tales from the Moonless Sky. Go on... scare yourself silly and visit my ghost story blog (which I do with Anne and Harry).

How I miss the Halloween parties I used to host here at home, well maybe next year -

Happy Halloween!

Photo by me, hehe, that was back in Halloween 2004.


  1. Happy Halloween Aileen! Hope you didn't see much dead people last night. At least you had a starry weekend... meeting MYMP. We first bought their music while we were in Vietnam, where we really missed OPM, specially, Hagibis and VST and Sharon Cuenta. hehehe.

    It was a quiet Halloween at our Greenhome. The kids at our condo left little halloween notes at the doorsteps and we gave chocolates.

    Hope you have a nice weekend, cheers.

  2. @gil - Happy Halloween din po! Thank God I didn't see any. Sweetie kept me company on the phone until I was sleepy (siya rin kasi mapupuyat if I start seeing stuff! LOL).

    I didn't get to celebrate Halloween though, but will probably watch some horror flicks today with Miguel. Isker! Isker!!!

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    gawa tayo ng Bloggers' Post-Halloween Costume PArty! hehehe

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! katakot ng mukha mo ate aileen! waAAAAAAAA!