Friday, October 5, 2007


Things will not be always peaceful everytime. We all go through a lot of ups and downs. As my friend, Honey and I realized - life's like a wheel, it's a cycle of being on top one day then it slowly drops to the bottom, then goes back up again, the back down. We usually kid each other every once in a while, "So are you up or down right now?"

Well, that's how life is and that's how you learn. And you learn as well from friends, specifically from the other side of friendship - the one that hurts you and there are times (lots) when because of that incident, the friendship does not survive. I guess here are just some of the "incidents" that one goes through with friendship.

1. The friend who betrays you.
2. The one who spills your secrets.
3. The friend that uses you.
4. The one who steals from you.
5. The friend who becomes an obstacle to the one you love.
6. The one who abandons you when you need him/her the most.
7. The friend who strings you along.

I'm not emo-ing or anything, I thought I'd just look back a bit and appreciate better my friends who are still around - I have friends who I've known since second grade! As you age, you realize that it's better to keep your friends who've been around the longest and one tends to become choosy on new friends. Basta it's just hard to trust na diba?

To my dear friends, you know who you are, hugs and kitakits!


  1. Hi Aileen,
    I've known my ultimate best friend since we were five years old. We've been through a lot and I can't remember having a fight with her - at least not something that lasted 24 hours. We were room mates thoughout college days even if we went to different schools. It's hard to find real friends that's why I really treasure them.


  2. Me and my best friends (there are 4 of us) have known each other since second grade. And yes, we have other friends and other social circles, too. But nothing compares to our friendships. It has come to a point that our own respective families have become friends too because of what we hold dear, i.e., each other.

    One's success is the success of the group.

  3. SISTEEER!!! hehehe... thanks for that wonderful breakfast and catch-up-chikka-as-if-we-dont-talk-everyday. But you know what I mean, it was really great to be seated in front of you just yapping away .... oh, i went back to the mall, didn't get the shoes (darn), but got a bag instead! haha... ora pro nobis (pray for us)