Monday, October 15, 2007

Why I Think I'm Green

Green, not De La Salle green archer (but I'm one), nor the funny green kind, but green, the environment-friendly kind. I'm writing this post for the Blog Action Day organization which has chosen the raise awareness about the environment and I think you still have time to make a post if you have a blog (since we are GMT+8:00 here in Manila).

Anyway, I don't think I help much with regard to protecting the environment (if I had time I'd love to help out in a cause or something), but I do help in my own little way by doing the following:

1. I segregate trash. I'm our household's official dishwasher whenever we don't have a helper and I make sure I segregate wet and dry trash. Leftovers are always fed to Patch (our retarded dog) and my Mom has made it a rule to always store plastic bags properly so they could be recycled.

2. No rice left-over on the plate. I've witnessed how farmers go about producing the rice that's served on our tables and seeing how IRRI's protecting this valuable crop reinforced what my parents taught us when we were kids, "Huwag magtira ng kahit isang butil ng kanin sa plato."

3. Use native products. I prefer using baskets and Filipino made craft-products rather than plastic boxes to store my stuff. I also love using native bags made of indigenous materials rather than imported leather bags (I have some but they are mostly gifts).

4. Recycle! I admit, I'm a pack-rat and I don't throw away stuff easily, and that includes ribbons and gift wrappers which I could re-use. I remember recycling old stockings and retaso for some Christmas frames I did a while back. I got that trait from my Mom and you should see her make new stuff out of materials that are supposed to be trash.

5. Preserve things that can be used by the next generation. I always took care of my things. I have toys and stuff that I had since I was a kid and I have passed it on to Miguel (i.e. my Lego). I've also inherited some stuff from my Lola when she passed away.

I think the greatest contribution our family has done for the environment is fight for the preservation of the beach front in our province (Camangui, Pasacao, Camarines Sur). Our neighbor built an illegal port beside our place and it's been really disappointing to see how the beach is becoming polluted from the stuff coming out of the ships that dock in their port. It's an illegal port! Sniff.

Anyway, what about you? What little things do you do to protect the environment?


  1. My contribution to the environment is very humble: I segregate trash and use recycled paper.

    Ganda pala ng beach nyo sa Pasacao! Pwede ba sumabay pagpunta mo dun? :D

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    As always, I finish everything that's laid down on my plate. As in sinisimot ko siya.

    Matakaw eh. :p

    And I don't use straws. Since the ice floats, mas malamig kapag tinungga. :)

  3. @mauisalang - sure sure! =)

    @utakgago - huwaw! clean plate! but a lot of kids don't do that anymore :(

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    kabayan.. Magandang Araw Sa iyo..

    It would be graet if you could join my project here.