Friday, October 26, 2007

Light a Fire

"To light a fire."

The first time I heard that line was when I was a kid. It was a bit vague at first coz it came from elders and as a kid growing up and spending more time with elders rather than kids my age, I just learned to observe and listen. It was a story told over and over again by my parents and their friends.

It was only while I was taking up Political Science in DLSU that I fully understood what "To light a fire" meant. It was actually a group, a movement that was put together during Martial Law to bring awareness to what was happening during that time. I believe Tito Ed's (Olaguer) book "Light a Fire" would explain better what exactly it was that they did during that time that got them arrested (I haven't read it, sorry Tito!). Anyway, they usually have a lot of laughs whenever they regale stories about that time.

Mom mentioned it again over lunch and the words struck me. To light a fire. I know there are a lot of things happening in our surroundings again and I know I may sometimes seem apathetic here in my blog, but I do care. My Dad's a lawyer and we usually have endless discussions about what's happening (I'm a political scientist after all!), but what exactly can I do? That's what I've been thinking about the whole day.

I'm no politician, no leader, I've no followers, so I'm basically just one person among 90 million other Filipinos, and my parents always told me that I should start in my backyard with my own family, then followed by helping out in my community. Diyan pa lang plus my work, my family, my Sweetie, fully booked na ako to the maximum levels.

So, this week, I started out with my closet - targeting to fill-up a huge balikbayan box with clothes, shoes and bags that may be of better use by others. Then I've donated my other PC to our parish (will deliver it within the weekend) and I've promised our parish priest to make another issue of our parish newsletter. I'm also helping out some charities (see links at the right side) one way or the other.

I think that's a better way of doing things instead of ranting and griping about things. DO SOMETHING. LIGHT A FIRE and keep this burning.

What do you think YOU can do?

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  1. Which reminds me to stop blogging and start sourcing stuff to give to an organization raising funds through a rummage sale.