Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meet Pork and Beans

I didn't realize it's been a long while since I had a pet. You see I have this problem of getting too attached to my pets. And when they die (gulp) I end up mourning till I'm literally blue from crying. Oh well, sometimes we just really don't grow up at all.

It's been 4 years since Oscar, my Oscar, died. Snakey, the snake fish, soon followed and my Mom just dumped Johnny, the janitor fish, in the creek behind our house because he was the culprit in Oscar and Snakey's death. I then had Ham and Egg, hamsters, but they got away while I was cleaning their cage and then Pork & Beans, black mollies who fell in the sink in the office (waaaaah!). Sigh. I then tried with Lucky, my fighting fish inspiration behind Luk4, but the janitor overfed him when I went on Christmas vacation. After that I thought it was too much to have a pet. Sigh.

Anyway, since it's been a long time already, I thought it's about time I get another pet. So I'm starting with the basics - 2 fighting fishes! Meet Pork and Beans -

I guess Pork and Beans wouldn't be intriga at all than displaying someone's photo on my desk.