Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why Do You Read My Blog?

I remember my Kuya and Ate telling me when I got myself in the biggest scrape I've gotten into.


And that meant finding out at a very young age what I really wanted to do. I had to stop being the reckless, happy-go-lucky-I'll-do-whatever-I-want teenager and face my responsibilities. And that's why I know, more or less, what a want (well except in finding the one I think... tsk tsk tsk).

Anyway, things don't just pop out of my head. I don't get brain farts* like Archimedes. I study situations methodically (yeah, yeah nerdy nerdy!) and in the case of blogging - statistics!

I've been feeling quite giddy since I activated Google Analytics in my blogs. It shows me my traffic, where it's coming from, what people are reading, if my readers are mostly new or loyalists and a whole lot of other interesting things.

Well, this is my personal blog, a hodge podge of anything under the sun, from travels, food binges, ranting, blogging and whatever, but it's been quite hard to fathom why people read it. I have other blogs for my other interests (weddings, ghosts, work etc.). It's easy to understand why people are reading my other blogs, but my blog? I dunno since I usually write about stuff from all over the Milky Way.

So, if I may ask you, why do you read my blog?

*brain farts is a term my colleague, JV, taught me, it means "ideas that suddenly pop out of one's head"


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I like reading your blog because I want to know more about you. It's always interesting to read blogs of people I 've met or are close to me. It's the connection.

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    actually, it's my first time here. i will not leave a comment if your blog little for my imagination. well, i guess, i will drop by more often.

  3. @noemi - thanks! and I learn a lot from your blog as well :)

    @sexy mom - Welcome po to my blog! I'm hoping my Mom will blog as well. :0

  4. Oh! i find it very interesting.. i'm a blog reader since then.. and i can say that this blog is one that inspired me to create one... and the geeky, nerdy thing.. i think its cool.. and oh! miss aileen meron nga pala kong picture natin nung SEO isulong awarding night, just wonderin if you could post it in your blog.. consider me as you blog reader fan.. hehe...

  5. I read nangangapitbahay which I miss a lot now that I am in SIngapore.

    When my sisters vacationed here a week ago they asked me, do you know your neighbors...I guess no..

    But at least with your blog I can know more about u. Nangangapitbahay baga!

  6. Anonymous11:59 AM

    i don't usually read blogs but when i saw you at Miriam College speak before a group of students, i had this it's-like-i've-seen-this-person-before thought. i dunno where or when. but im certain that you really look familiar to me, though, your name's quite new to my ears. and how did I find this 'An Apple A Day' thingy? i had this fascination of doing a Google Search on every new name that I encounter. I dont know, maybe I was just hoping that there's something about that person online that i can read.