Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogger, Why Do I Love Thee?

I was talking with Pierre during lunch at the iBlog3 Convention about sticking to Blogger. You see, his friends have been convincing him to switch to another blogging platform. This started our conversation on why we love using Blogger. (Hey Pierre, hope you wear your cool hat tomorrow!).

Blogger, why do I love thee?

(1) It's so easy to use. I have to admit I sometimes don't have the patience in dealing with highly technical stuff. I learned how to use Blogger on my own. I just signed up for it and next thing I knew I was adding photos and then going the next step by using Picasa and then adding widgets. Atty. Noel Punzalan also agreed that Blogger is so easy to use. Dean Jorge Bocobo also uses Blogger. So, if you just want to write (blog in techie terms) then use Blogger.

(2) It's a no-brainer to add widgets. My best friend who lives in Singapore buzzes me once in a while with questions on blogging. She asked once how to add widgets. I just told her once - click on the layout link, then click on the add html link and then copy and paste the code, save and that's all you have to do. After saying thanks she was lost in her own little blogging world.

I was toying with my Google Calendar and Googlegroups and found cool widgets to add in my blog. Google Reader also has a new gadget. Read about it here.

(3) Want to use your own domain? All you have to do is purchase one and then register it in the Blogger console. I have one too, but I'm just having it redirected to my Blogger account.

(4) I've never experienced my blog going offline. And I don't have to think about hosting and other stuff.

With Blogger all you have to do is write! Dibah Pierre?