Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Cool Off on a Hot Summer Day

I can just imagine my Tita when she arrives from the US next week. She's coming home, permanently, after living in the US for almost 40 years.

I bet she's going to rant about the heat, day in, day out.

Some people say it's going to be hotter next month. And it's definitely been a really hot week! And to cool off this is what I've been doing:

(1) Drinking lots of water - jug of water with lots of ice at arm's length
(2) Drinking Coke! - yeah, I know it's bad (it's my Mom's fault!)
(3) Eating ice cream and frozen delights - the joys of Twin Popsies! And I've been twittering about this :)
(4) Wearing summer clothes - I went on a shopping binge last week for summer clothes (the advantages of working at home!)
(5) Miss Minchin hair (LOL) - I'm keeping my hair up, much as I'd want to cut my hair really short, I can't coz I'm going to look like in still in high school

Of course, nothing beats staying in an airconditioned room (I don't want to buy! I'm saving up for something else) or going swimming (beach! beach! beach!). But that's as cool as I could get while working in my little ol' basement.

*Tita - Aunt