Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Food Binge: Breakfast at Antonio’s, Mannang’s, Gilly’s Island, Max’s, Café Nemoso, Miggy’s, Coffee Bean, Café M, Bubba Gump

I just realized that I’ve been binging on food again in the past week. No wonder I can’t wear my skinny jeans again! Argh! Gotta get those uber funny looking love handles burned before Bohol!

Breakfast at Antonio’s (Tagaytay) – Had a coffee break and pancakes with a friend on the way to Punta Fuego. The chocolate chip pancakes were so rich and filling! The ultimate sugar rush! On the way back to Manila from Punta Fuego we had lunch at Antonio’s again. I had the misfortune of eating their spaghetti. Grrrr! I'm still wondering why it had so much carrots in it! (My friend says it was used as an extender.) My spag’s better. But the place is so nice and romantic! (Mental note: bring a boyfriend next time!).

Mannang’s (Mall of Asia) – Regular Asian food. Sarap. Iced tea though had lemon in it and I’m allergic to citrus. We had to take out the calamares since the serving was so big. Well, nothing special then.

Gilly’s Island (Mall of Asia) – Miguel and I just had dessert. I had the mango pie and Miguel had the oreo cheesecake. Why is it I never learn not to order dessert from bars? They’re always, always, always frozen!

Max’s Fried Chicken (SM Bicutan) – Max’s never fails to fill me up and satisfy my craving for chicken. Jufran plus Max’s Fried Chicken = simply the best lunch with one’s family.

Café Nemoso (Better Living) – This is where I showed Sasha the sowsi way of eating barbecue, and their grilled hotdogs are the best! Dibah Jayvs? (barbecue photo by Sasha Manuel).

Miggy’s (BF Homes) – Still my favorite Mexican food place. I love their burrito! Too bad their Better Living branch is gone.

Coffee Bean (Greenbelt) – Note to self: their cakes aren’t good. I’m also allergic to their coffee. Geeez.

Café M (Greenbelt) – Really nice place for meetings, the waiters just walk by as if you don’t exist. My ka-meeting said that sometimes you have to ask 5 waiters to get your drink. Big pancake servings though. Service though wasn’t good, I had to wave my arms wildly to get the attention of the waiters.

Bubba Gump (Greenbelt) – Shrimps! Shrimps! Shrimps! I love shrimps! But I love my Tita Olive’s shrimps cooked with 7-Up better.

I think I’ll be sticking to homemade cooked food this week. I’m going to be financially and horizontally challenged soon if I keep eating all around town!