Sunday, April 22, 2007

Playing on Ice

I always wondered how ice skaters could glide ever so gracefully on thin metal strips on slippery ice. I watch in awe whenever I get the chance to view competitions on TV. And I was simply awestruck when I watched an ice hockey game in the US last year.

You see, I couldn't even balance myself properly on a balance beam, much less stand up straight on roller skates. I remember getting all bruised up when I was 16 and my friends strapped on roller skates on my feet in Tagaytay. It was a disaster. I stuck it out with skateboards eversince.

I don't see myself as the super adventurous type, but I like trying out new things. So last night at the invitation of a friend who plays ice hockey, wobbly legs and all I wore the stinky ice skates and got on the ice.

First and foremost, the skates were heavy, stinky and it was difficult to stand on dry ground on it. It felt like I was on stilts. But I told myself I had to be brave since I brought Miguel along. How would you be able to teach your sheep if you don't know how to graze the land yourself? So, it was a challenge. I had to motivate myself and inspire Miguel to follow suit.

It was a liberating experience indeed. I was so surprised that we managed to go around the rink (holding on to dear life at the edges), but at least we managed to stand on ice without falling on our fannies and got to glide along a few meters at a time.

And methinks I'll be going back to Mall of Asia soon to try it out again.

Maybe I can still become a figure skater after all. Hmmm... NOT!


  1. At least you've had a chance to try it. I haven't had that chance yet and the Mall of Asia is a little too far from Olongapo for me to go just for that.

  2. @RT - I was just there recently :) Dayo na ng Manila! Hehehe.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    it's never too late to become a skater hihihi... you can still enroll basic figure skating though. hindi naman halata yung age. :p

  4. @Sharmskee - Oh noes! Gulp! Iskeeerrrr! Di ata kaya ng mga pata ko yun hihihihi... and I have very bad balance. Tara skating tayo ulit! :p