Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogging Mysteries

Mystery #1

A week or two ago my friend, Honey, who's based in Cagayan de Oro, buzzed me and asked me to check a blog she's been reading. So I did and got a bit hooked and I asked her who the blogger was.

She said, "Well that's precisely the reason why I'm making you read it coz I don't know who the blogger is." And the we proceeded to investigate through Google search using clues from her blog (she was obviously female). We came up with nothing and still no results in the days that followed. She's good at hiding her identity!

Funny, I uncovered the identity of the blogger, offline. I was chatting with a friend over lunch and managed to deduce based on our conversation that the mystery blogger is his friend! It was so funny because I wasn't even thinking about the "mystery" and we weren't even talking about it. But when he mentioned her blog's URL, a huge light went on in my head. Aha! And then I confirmed by telling him the clues that Honey and I got from her blog.

Mystery solved!

Mystery #2

Well, this is not a mystery, but more of a question. We all know that a lot of people don't use their real names for their blogs. Blog lurkers would also hide their identity under other names or pseudonyms. We all know why - for anonymity. But do you think bloggers who are popular and are known in the blogosphere would have separate blogs under a pseudonym?

Yes! And I know of some... but then it's a secret! And they don't want to disclose the URL even to me. Hmph. Maybe I should call in Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Bobsey Twins to help me. Tsk tsk tsk.

Mystery #3

Did you know that when you search for my name on Google ("aileen"), I'm #6 on the list but the #1 slot goes to "Aileen Wuornos", a serial killer! Aaaaargggh!!! Maybe the members of SEO Philippines can do something about that. Hmmm... I wonder. Well, nothing to lose sleep over.

Anyway, because of that I asked my lunchmate this afternoon if he's seen a "Murder She Wrote" type blog. He asked, "A murderer who blogs?" And then, he laughed out loud. Siyempre, we were referring to mystery writing. Fiction! I haven't really surfed the net nor Google Blog Search for it. Maybe next week when I'm back from a short vacation. It would be an interesting read aside from ghost stories.

And so I'm going offline for the weekend...

Going offline to recharge my batteries and to ponder on this:

"God insists on choosing the most unimportant people to do His work."

That's from Bo Sanchez' email about the pilgrimage he's currently doing.

Oh! And congrats to the winners of the Digitalfilipino Web Awards!

Siyempre - of course