Monday, April 9, 2007

Food Binge: Chaikofi

Mabel woke me up promptly at 9 a.m. for our holiday lakwatsa at the Mall of Asia. We went there to check out some furniture at Our Home. I was sorely disappointed coz I thought it was a huge showroom. Mabel and I suddenly missed the huge Ikea building in Singapore where I bought 2 cool lamps. Geeezzzz, I should visit the upcoming Manila FAME International show later this month.

I was still feeling stuffed from the food binge in Pampanga and an after movie, late night dinner at Giligan's last night, but Mabel was hungry so we hunted for a new place to dine at. Mabel wanted to eat rice so Sbarro and Mexicali were out of the question (thought I would've wanted to eat some chicken enchilada). So she chose Chaikofi. The resto serves different types of Asian food like Sate Ayam (chicken) and Sate Babi (pork). the Dutch Chicken looked yummy, but I was still quite full so I just had a chicken sandwich. Mabel said the pork barbecue she ordered tasted like the ones she's been having at Malaysia. The chicken sandwich I got? My gawd at PhP95 pesos I could make myself. And they didn't have soda! (I'm off my failed soda sacrifice). Aaarggghhh.

The place was quite spiffy though with it's yellow booth seats, fresh flowers and bossa nova background music. I would've been impressed, but the cold welcome we got from the order taker (yup, you have to go to the counter and pay as you order... so not sowsi), miffed me. Buti pa McDo, you always get a smile when you order. Now that's warmth.

I'm no food connoiseur. I just like eating and it doesn't take much to make me happy. Eighteen pesos grilled hotdogs at Cafe Nemoso gives me a high. The seven pesos each barbecue at the kanto is dinner for me, but when you pay 95 pesos for a home-made sandwich a smile and basic courtesy goes a long way (ayan lumabas tuloy pagka-kuripot ko!). Hehehe. Bitter! Bitter!

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    hahaha! i so knoow what you mean.