Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Twitter

It's been more than a week and for some reason "twittering" is still a discussion point among friends. Abe is still adamant about not using Twitter and has posted his 5 reasons (this post was actually born out of our discussion last night) and Ely, who uses Twitter, is currently looking into "the language of Twitter" ergo "reading between the lines".

So, why do I Twitter? This is what I've been telling Abe since last week.

(1) When you work at home, you have no one to bug. So it's my way of bugging people, unobtrusively of course. In short, nagpaparamdam lang po.

(2) Sometimes you just want to record mundane things like eating ice cream, drinking coffee... I was actually surprised several people went off to eat merienda because I posted I was eating yummy pistaccio ice cream.

(3) Twitter reminds me that there is a bigger picture and the world is moving as I sit here at home pounding on the keyboard.

(4) Abe and Ely told me Twitter opens one up for stalking. Well, that depends on what you Twitter about.

And finally,

(5) I get traffic from my Twitter!

Of course, one has to Twitter responsibly that's why I just Twitter about really mundane things like going out to play badminton, eating ice cream, nothing heavy. And now I can just imagine Abe saying "What for?" Eh gusto ko eh, bakit ba. LOL.

And Ely, you'll definitely have a hard time reading between the lines of my twittering. LOL.

nagpaparamdam lang po - just letting you know I'm here Eh gusto ko eh, bakit ba - Because I want to, so what