Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot Summer Weekend!

Temperatures have been rising since March and we're just a quarter through with summer! Good thing my basement's quite cool and my fan's still standing up.

Some things that made my weekend:

1. A funny, geeky video link sent by my friend. Watched it with Miggy and we laughed the whole time the video was playing.

2. Celebrating The Macalua's birthday.

3. iBlog3! Happiness! Happiness! Joy! Joy!

4. Going around UP with an alumni as tourist guide! And, of course, the photo shoot at the Sunken Garden. Plus! Tried out the yummy, sumptuous spag and choco cheesecake at Chocolate Kiss at breakneck speed with a friend! (Always wanted to go there since Liza, a colleague from EYP, used to bring dessert in the office. Too bad I finished the food before I remembered to take a photo of it! Grrrr!)

5. Lunch with the family at Wendy's (wish though their crew would be more attentive). 3-day sale at SM Bicutan! Bought some stuff... well not only some stuff grrrrr...

It was one fun, fab, quiet weekend (well half of it anyway). Can't wait for the week to start!

Wish I was at the beach though...