Saturday, March 1, 2008

Step 5: Be Happy

I love watching Filipino movies and I always have difficulty getting my friends to watch with me. Miguel always ends up coming with me and he usually just sleeps all throughout the movie. Poor kid huh? Anyway, so I dragged Sweetie to watch Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga's "My Big Love".

"My Big Love" had all the formula for it to be successful: good looking cast (yes Sam still looked very cute even at 303 pounds), fab-chemistry between Sam and Toni, kilig moments, funny dialogue and I really couldn't help but giggle over the "Bagets-like" dance scene at the supermarket and Kristine Hermosa still looks like a goddess. The movie's not only all fun and laughter, it delivered several lessons that one could live by - not only about losing weight and keeping healthy - but an important lesson about "Being Happy".

My friend Sorsi buzzed me about a question she has been asking herself for quite sometime now, about blogging about personal stuff. I told her that putting stuff online about yourself, be it in blogs, photos or social networking sites, puts one at risk. You open yourself to criticism, being hated, and being misinterpreted. I think that's normal because people do not know who you really are. Another friend of mine also cautioned that there are many people who are very much different from their online persona. That's true. I guess I am one of those who are well, just me.

I do get nasty comments too, but I do not publish those anymore because I think if you want to tell somebody something bad then you should just go straight to that person. Sadly though, those people who send those kinds of things to me don't leave traces of who they are. I am sure it's just because they just want to clarify something, but just couldn't ask. As I said, when you put yourself online, you open yourself to being misinterpreted. Ahhhh, buhay parang life.

But should all these fears stop one from blogging? Nah. I told Sorsi she should do what she likes doing, but to be just be aware of the risks. And as Ira (Toni Gonzaga) told Macky (Sam Milby), "Step five, be happy!"


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    kanina lang nabasa ko ang post ni mcrey at euri ay tungkol din sa hate comments. kahit personal stuff pa kasi ang idaldal ninuman sa kanyang personal blog, di maiiwasang may mamemersonal talaga kahit di mo kilalang personal. hahaha, ang saya nga magreply e.

    hehehe. nood na lang nga ako ng movie. ahihihi.

  2. when you put yourself online, you open yourself to being misinterpreted.

    i absolutely agree. the reason why sometimes,i don't talk about personal stuff about me. i don't put my age, my surname, where i work, etc, just anywhere on the net.

    anyway, i like this post. :)

  3. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Hahaha....shucks...parang gusto ko panuorin yang movie na yan=P Sana palabasin dito sa US=P

  4. Amen! I don't mind criticisms, as long as they're educated criticisms. But if they serve the mere purpose of annoying the hell of me...Well, I have the power to DELETE!!! Di ba?

    I am so waiting for My Big Love to be available here in Australia through TFC. The trailer looks cute. Was it cute?

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Awww I miss Filipino movies. I'm gonna have to catch this one when it comes to DVD Stateside. We're on the same boat on that one - always dragging people to watch Filipino movies with us!

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  7. Anonymous10:39 PM


    What a coincidence... I also posted something in my blog about being happy.

    And yes, when blogging about personal stuff, one should be cautious which does not mean one should censor what he/she blogs about.

    And if it's the truth you are blogging about, you should never be intimidated or afraid. :)

  8. wow i loved the video perfect tandem talaga si tony at sam
    gheeeeh wala sa hinahap ko na magkakaroon ng ganyang movie si sam haha
    thanks for sharing it to us

  9. @holy kamote - it just goes to show na yung gumagawa ng hate comments eh malamang may problema sa buhay yun kaya ganun. and well,minsan, masarap din mang-asar back hehehe. gusto ko nga manood ulit eh.

    @autumn - absolutely true right? thanks.

    @sorsi - gusto mo mail-an ka namin ng DVD when it's out?

    @falcon116 - that is true! i'll publish the criticism when it's valid, but sadly normally it's just an attack to who I am.

    @joannb - you can count on me when you're here!

    @coolingstar9 - thanks for dropping by!

    @riajose - talaga? ma-check nga.

    @bluedreamer27 - nakakakilig diba? hihihi.

  10. Anonymous1:01 AM

    OH MAN. i NEVER watch pinoy movies, but I think I want to see this one~ :D

  11. Anonymous9:18 PM

    nice post Aileen.. sge.. ilabas mo ang lahat ng nasa saloobin ng iyong puso hahaha. Blogging is fun.. especially if you know you are in control of it.. ika nga "You are the president of your blog", you run the show and nobody else. Ay, parang I sound like tita glo heheh

  12. hmmm... im not a flick addict pero when i watched the BFGF, kilig din naman.. i suggest you should watch it too.

    people will never understand you unless they knew you since birth... let the comments arrive and just read on. tutal they are just pieces of letters na pinagsamasama para makabuo ng salita. =)

  13. Anonymous4:32 PM

    ii watched that movie (lol) mababaw lang kasi ako, and yes--i did enjoy it!

  14. Anonymous9:06 PM

    very nice movie!!!

  15. I was able to watch it last weekend and I must say that this is a feel-good movie :)