Saturday, March 1, 2008

Step 5: Be Happy

I love watching Filipino movies and I always have difficulty getting my friends to watch with me. Miguel always ends up coming with me and he usually just sleeps all throughout the movie. Poor kid huh? Anyway, so I dragged Sweetie to watch Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga's "My Big Love".

"My Big Love" had all the formula for it to be successful: good looking cast (yes Sam still looked very cute even at 303 pounds), fab-chemistry between Sam and Toni, kilig moments, funny dialogue and I really couldn't help but giggle over the "Bagets-like" dance scene at the supermarket and Kristine Hermosa still looks like a goddess. The movie's not only all fun and laughter, it delivered several lessons that one could live by - not only about losing weight and keeping healthy - but an important lesson about "Being Happy".

My friend Sorsi buzzed me about a question she has been asking herself for quite sometime now, about blogging about personal stuff. I told her that putting stuff online about yourself, be it in blogs, photos or social networking sites, puts one at risk. You open yourself to criticism, being hated, and being misinterpreted. I think that's normal because people do not know who you really are. Another friend of mine also cautioned that there are many people who are very much different from their online persona. That's true. I guess I am one of those who are well, just me.

I do get nasty comments too, but I do not publish those anymore because I think if you want to tell somebody something bad then you should just go straight to that person. Sadly though, those people who send those kinds of things to me don't leave traces of who they are. I am sure it's just because they just want to clarify something, but just couldn't ask. As I said, when you put yourself online, you open yourself to being misinterpreted. Ahhhh, buhay parang life.

But should all these fears stop one from blogging? Nah. I told Sorsi she should do what she likes doing, but to be just be aware of the risks. And as Ira (Toni Gonzaga) told Macky (Sam Milby), "Step five, be happy!"