Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time Warp

I had to go to the building where I used to work today. It's been more than a year I think since I dropped by (last time I think was when I picked up my best friend). It's been actually two years since I finally bid goodbye to the place. It was my second home for almost 5 years. When I stepped in the building I felt like I went back in time.

Everything was the same.

The manong guards who greeted me at the doorway were the same. The janitors and helpers I bumped into were the same people who took care of me (and warned me about staying late in the office because of ghosts). The elevator had the same lighting and the recording ("opening doors") was the same. Good thing though I was set to visit a floor I did not work in.

It felt umm weird.

I have so much memories of that place. Both good and bad. Good because I have made a lot of friends there (and a best friend to boot!) and a good part of my work education I got in that building. Bad, there are sad and traumatic moments too. Deadma lang hehehe. It just felt strange coz I felt I was in a place that I belong, but do not fit anymore. Estranghero na ako.

I have not timed-in a bundy clock for two years already and I cannot imagine myself doing so again. I did miss having officemates initially when I decided to leave the corporate world, my nearest "seatmate" would probably be a thousand miles away. Nosebleed pa ako kaka-ingles. But I have learned much more since my office is not bounded by 4 walls, much less borders.

Ahhh, nostalgia... I'm happy I am where I am now.

And here's my vlog on the last stop of the Davao F.A.T. - Bryan's Grill & Cafe, Davao.

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