Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Got Tech

You might've heard or (hopefully visited) You Got Tech, a blog that I launched on New Year's Day with friends from all over the country (and two are currently blogging from other countries!).

So, why a tech blog for non-techies? I do not consider myself a techie person. I do not hold a computer science degree and the only programming class I took was logo programming when I was in fourth grade (and I remember nothing about it!). So my sob story is - a couple of tech blogger friends made fun of me when I was just starting out to blog. I am never shy to ask questions or help when I need it, so I was quite surprised that my friends made fun of me because I was asking questions about IT personalities they knew. Sorry, but my interests are different.

I meet a lot of people, from very techie to geeky to technologically-challenged people and I had the chance to get feedback how these people learn the ropes. For those who try to learn on their own they said they read blogs and ask questions too, but have experienced getting laughed at (like me). Sad noh?

After some careful thought and a couple of rounds of iced tea (yeah, iced tea) with my friends one night in Davao we thought of coming up with a blog for non-techies. They urged me to go make one, but I realized that I cannot do it alone and that I have so much more to learn so I bugged them to join (we're still looking for a blogger from the Visayas region).

So, You Got Tech is a tech blog for non-techies. Expect topics to range from gadgets, new media marketing, tech for business, mobile, IT education, vlogging, photography and whatever we think is interesting. We also want to learn to, and have fun in the process, so expect kinks and funny stuff to show up as we all go through the journey of learning about technology (ahhh you might just one day see us with a You Got Tech dance, all in the name of having fun hehehe... abangan).

Here are some episodes and posts we've put together in the past seven weeks:

Episode 1: Fuji Camera
Episode 2: 02 XDA
Episode 3: iPod Touch
Episode 4: Kodak Easyshare V603 (my secret vlogging sauce)
Episode 5: Getting Inspired to Vlog (from the vlogging expert Cokskiblue)
Episode 6: AJ of Talks about his Mobile Phone TV

We also have bits and pieces of introductions here and there, some talk about living the mobile life, losing a PC, and how to maintian your PC. Keep in mind the blog is forever going to be a work-in-progress.

For questions and what-nots and whatever, email us at info @

Sige na! Haba na ng intro ko, bisita ka na! And don't forget to add us up in your list of reads.


  1. ok, sige na, bumisita na ako at sumali na rin sa community ninyo.

    totoo lang, i need help, that is, technological. and sometimes need for help borders on the psychological (hehehe!) esp during an experience of losing parts of my blog (painstakingly created) in an
    attempt to have a better-looking template borrowed from a dotcom that generously offers them for free.

    i email/text blogger relatives. i bookmark blogs (i have now a kilometric list of them) whose owners i assume can help a mid-50s techie freshman in her blogging education. still, i need help. :)

    anyway, thank you and i look forward to more techie posts written in layman's language so they can be more beneficial to non-techie newbies in the blogosphere. ciao, ciao and may you gain more readers!

  2. gheeeh hi aileeen its me again ang makulit na visitor hehe
    i wasnt so familiar with techies hehe i just learned how to improove my blog with the help of other bloggers too but then i still want to explore more about it
    have a great day

  3. hey, saw your blog being "advertized" on the blogger dashboard.

    isn't the main filipino language called tagalog and not just filipino per se.

  4. roninforfreedom btw.

  5. You got tech? As in YuGaTech? hehehehe :P

  6. helloaileen imnow having a contest and imtagging youin hope youjoin have a greatday