Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colbie Caillat in Manila

A few weeks ago my friend Honey introduced me to Colbie Caillat's music and I got hooked eversince. I like listening to her music because it's light to the ears and it makes you feel like you're lounging around by the seashore. If you have not heard any of her songs yet, check out her hit song Bubbly.

Colbie shared that she was discovered through her page on Myspace. She just started posting her songs and traffic grew by word of mouth. Eventually she became the #1 unsigned artist and started getting offers to become a recording artist. She signed with MCA Universal with Michael Blue as her producer. She mentioned that her life has changed completely and that she no longer has time to just sit back and hang-out with her friends (she enjoys going to the beach). Her gruelling schedule also doesn't allow her to go online that much (imagine flying to a diferent country every other day, yikes!).

I took note of two questions asked by reporters: (1) Tips on song writing; and (2) What song will she sing to someone she likes (but not yet a boyfriend). Her answers are in the video:

Special thanks to, MCA Universal Philippines and Anne.