Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Davao F.A.T. Day 3: Eden Nature Park

It was my second time to visit Eden Nature Park and I was quite surprised that it only took about an hour to get there from Davao City. The first time I went a couple of years ago the road up the mountain was so bad it took us two hours to get to the park. We were all in high spirits on the way up to the mountain, trading SMS' with the bloggers in the other car (they were taunting us for being a bit slow, but we were just 5 minutes behind), checking out the scenery and . We were so excited we would've probably jumped up and down like kids when we arrived if there weren't any other park visitors. LOL.

Highlights of the trip include a tour of the park which included a preview of the "Tana Tanaman" (land garden). The garden is dedicated to showcase the diversity of cultures in the Mindanao region and is expected to be open to the public by Easter. What made all of us perspire and ravenous though was the Indiana Jones. After lunch we couldn't wait to get on the Sky Rider. The flights of stairs we had to go up on though was quite tough. Check out my vlog to find out what Indiana Jones and Sky Rider is all about (watch till the end for outtakes).


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

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  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    akala koh you deleted the part kung saan hindi ka na makaalis sa indiana jones.. hehe.. nsa last pla.. :D hahahaha.. funny ate aileen..:D balik kayo ulit ni kuya jay pra may DFAT II..:D I had F-U-N!

  3. @gwing - nahirapan ako to get off the thingy! hahahahaha. nilagay ko sa dulo kasi nakakatawa siya, kunwari serious yung video hahahaha. ingat ka diyan sa biyahe mo ha =)

  4. Ang saya! Wahh, I got dizzy from just looking at the food you ate! Gosh, next time ha, tirhan niyo ako ng kinilaw :)

  5. Wow Aileen. That seems to be a lot of fun. I can't help but ask how your tummies handled the food fest. =)

  6. Uhmm, I'm still burping from everything we ate. Hehehe jk. Let's continue the carnage at UP next month shall we?