Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Davao F.A.T. Day 2: Homestyle to Sowsi Gastronomic Delights

We feasted on a wide variety of things on the second day. We started off at Taps in Torres Street and they had every silog* imaginable in their menu. We were all still quite full from dinner, but gamely tried out the different meals they offered.

Since we had a bit of time before the scheduled sampling at the trade fair in Rizal Park we headed to the salon and had a foot spa (that's where I edited the Day 1 video). After the spa session we checked out the trade fair at Rizal Park and had some Allegro ice cream and since it was so warm and sunny we decided to hang-out at Kasagingan earlier than the scheduled time. The consisted of different banana based dishes. I got the banana fantastic and caramel chocolate cake (I don't think it had any bananas in it though).

I was about ready to call it a day after hearing mass at the Assumption Church (walking distance from Kasagingan), but we had a dinner scheduled at the Polo Bistro of the Marco Polo Hotel. After freshening up for the sowsi experience we were about to have, Andrew, Ria and Gwing picked us up.

Polo Bistro set-up a long table for the bloggers and I would surmise that it made everyone feel like a V.I.P. It was a feast to remember since the sous chef, Mr. Alex Domanlag, would introduce each and every dish that was served. I absolutely loved the appetizer (seared tuna with cucumber and crabstick relish), the soup (french onion soup with 3 cheeses: mozzarella, parmesan and ementhal) and the main course (prawn thermidore). Too bad I could only taste just a bit of the dessert, my tonsils have failed me again (pffffttt!).

After dinner, we all proceeded to Blogie's grandmother's place for a bonding session and to taste the dessert sent by Sugar Munch. We were all quite full so we ended up just lining up the cakes and sansrival and just had a forkful of each while watching Grease (John Travolta was reed thin back then!).

Present throughout the day were: me, Jay, Ria, Andrew, Blogie, Migs, Winston, Dom, Gwing, Kim, Angel, Tiara, Mikko and Andie.

*silog - singangag at itlog


  1. has been a while since I've had Filipino food! I now have a sudden craving to call my Mom for some home cooking.


  2. Nice photo of the Churches! Na miss ko tuloy ang Pinas.