Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bisita Iglesia

Bisita Iglesia literally means "visiting churches", a tradition followed by Catholics during Holy Week. You'd normally see people flocking from one church to another during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I normally go with my friends, but wasn't able to join them this year. Last year though I managed to visit at least 7 churches in Pampanga with some blogger friends.

After work yesterday I thought I'd do some cleaning up. Something I do when I want to have some quiet time alone (Miguel stays out of my way when I'm on clean-up mode). I also wanted to think about my personal mission.

Here are some churches I've visited in the past year (I need help in naming them, I couldn't find my book of Philippine Churches):

Baclayon Church, Bohol. I learned that this church was made in 1727 and is made of corals.

St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, Cagayan de Oro (my patron saint!). I heard mass in this church back in 2005 not knowing what its name was. I only found out when Honey mentioned it in my last visit to CDO and insisted on showing me around.

Sta. Monica Church, Pan-ay, Capiz. This is where the biggest bell in Southeast Asia could be found. I didn't have the time to go up the bellfry though and the intense heat made me run back to the car immediately.

Basilica del Minore Sto. Nino, Cebu. Heard mass here with my best friend who lives in Cebu.

St. Michael the Archangel (also known as Orion Church), Orion, Pampanga. (thanks AJ for helping me name the church!).

St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral, Vigan.

San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City. (I hope I got the name right).

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Paranaque, Metro Manila. Now this church holds all of my history (so far).

Photos by: Aileen Apolo


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Yung Pampanga Church na walang pangalan na hindi mo matandaan is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel (built by the Dominicans). It is located in the municipality of Orion and the church is also known as Orion Church. :)

  2. Hey, Aileen! Nice project you have here. :) I rarely take photos of churches I've visited even if they are good subjects. Might start now after reading your post! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM

    wow madam you've visited vigan na pala... drop by St. Augustine Parish in Bantay din one time.. 5 minutes away from vigan.. =)

  4. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Orion is in Bataan and not Pampanga.

    Aileen, I believe you went to Bataan last year including Mt. Samat!

  5. visita iglesia = church visit

  6. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Nice photo of the Vigan Cathedral. :)

  7. Hi Aileen...I also had once visited Baclayon Church in Bohol that was in 1992. I wish I could visit that place again. I met somebody that was special to me but wonder where that person is right now. Anyhow, thank you so much for this picture.