Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vlog: My Coca-Cola Story

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I do not earn from blogging and have yet to receive my first Adsense check (maybe after another year hahaha).

Nag-disclaimer eh noh. Haha.

Anyway, back to my post. Here's a chronicle of 40 days of my life. Watch and find out how Coca-Cola figured into it.

I'm so happy I succeeded this again this year. It actually took me three decades to control myself. Not an easy task believe me. My niece actually doesn't drink "colored" beverage and just allows herself to drink anything once a week. That is a tall order. That's something that'll take me another decade (or a doctor's order) to do.

What did you sacrifice for Lent?


  1. hehehehe halatang na miss ang Coca-Cola :D pero mas masarap ang Coke Zero IMO :D

  2. :-)
    Loved the video.
    Actually many of the Philos here in Australia refer to Coke as 'Philippine Water' :-)

    They never had ZERO there on my last trip, just that ghastly 'Coke Light'.
    Not sure what the ZERO there tastes like, but here it is very close to the normal Coke and its sales are apparently rocketing due to the 'no sugar' thing.

    Anyway thanks for the work you do on your blog. I greatly enjoyed the Coke one.

    Philippine Railways SIG

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I always ALWAYS have a can of regular Coke during lunch. ALWAYS. Did I already say enough always, er, alwayses? Anyway, always. There. You never looked like a Coke junkie! XD

  4. Alwaysii?????