Friday, June 29, 2007

Au Revoir Cebu, My Second Home

It’s 4:11 in the morning and I couldn’t seem to sniff out a stable wifi connection here at the Mactan International Airport in Cebu, so I’m writing this post offline.

I’m off to Davao for a series of speaking engagements arranged by the Davao Web Group (through Blogie, Andrew and Marc J.).

The other night I had the privilege of meeting Cebu’s indomitable and very pretty Provincial Governor, Gwen Garcia during the gala dinner for Cebu ICT delegates at the Provincial Capital. We were wowed through cultural dances performed by kids and a Cebuano “operatic singer”. Check out the intricately done colourful costumes of the performers. I think it was cute that the kids at the end of their dance kneeled down and pointed to the governor's goddess looking photo. Take note as well of the photo I managed to take of the painting of the Capitol’s dome. I only realized that the intersecting lines formed a cross when I took the photo.

Exhaustion took over when I got back to the hotel and I just literally conked out on the bed. I think I must’ve lost weight from all the walking I’ve been doing in the past few days. The next day I visited the much talked about Cebu International Convention Center to catch Janette’s talk and check out the exhibits. Because of the little walk I did I think I’ll be visiting Iloilo and Dumaguete soon. Yey!

I didn’t go out much, but managed to check-out Paseo, a gimmick-slash-shopping place a stone’s throw away from the newly finished Sykes building. There were quite a lot of pretty dresses and d├ęcor and Cagayan de Oro’s famous Vandep pastel (pastry) was available for sales as well in the Paseo. We decided though to hang-out at Off-Roads (our official hang-out place in Cebu) coz we wanted to have some hot tea and my favourite mint chocolate cake. I was decidedly full and in high spirits when I got back to the hotel and ended up chatting with Janette until 4 in the morning.

My last day in Cebu was a flurry of activities and would-be activities. Egads, I think I should get a place in Cebu already!

Next stop: Davao!

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  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Mactan Cebu airport has two paid Wi-Fi hotspots (Airborne Access and Globequest) and one free wi-Fi access point courtesy of Seair, and none of them are working well?

    I'll be in Cebu City myself next week.