Saturday, June 2, 2007

Due in 9 Years

I've got less than 9 years till my deadline. What's this crazy deadline? A bet my Kuya and I did. And it's all about acquiring financial freedom!

Back in 2004 my Kuya asked me, "What are your plans to acquire financial freedom?" I told him then that I wanted to become a consultant so that I can earn some regular income while I'm building my export business. I projected that I'd be a consultant by 2006 and then I'd be exporting by 2015. My Kuya looked at me and said, "Fair enough. Let's make a bet. You should have completed all those by the age of 40 and me when I'm 50." (My Kuya is 13 years older than me).

At that time, I had no idea how I would become a consultant. I was very busy then with the launch of LUK4 and cooking up plans to re-launch E-Yellowpages as well. Who'd have known I'd meet my 2006 deadline? I quit my job at the yellow pages, moved on to a satellite TV provider, then became consultant for a property developer and then a search engine. All in one year! Whew!

I've been so caught up with work, but mind you I've been thinking about my 2015 deadline! And I've thought of doing an e-commerce business (which may be considered an export business when you're clients are abroad), but I haven't figured out what product to sell yet, it definitely has to be something that interests me.

I learned though from the Think Rich Pinoy seminar that you have to have different revenue streams, so I thought about maybe investing in the stock market/bonds or what have you (I'm attending a workshop on this early next week) or maybe look into the franchise market as well. I've read some stuff about this on Entrepreneur Magazine and I'm also looking for an interesting Singapore Franchise Opportunity.

I should really start working on this personal mission of mine. My Kuya already inaugurated his first venture, a dorm located in Naga City - if you see a very pink building called Apolo Bldg. along Ateneo Avenue in Naga, that's my Kuya's building! Hehe.

Any ideas?

*Kuya - what Filipinos call an older brother